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Teds Budz x Official Gooniez | Blueberry Cherries – Indica Hybrid 3.5g



Blueberry Cherries No. 5 🫐🍒

Dj short Blueberry🫐x Cherry Pie🥧)

Blueberry cherries has a unique overwhelming blueberry, earthy aroma with a cherry tart sweetness on the backend.


Heavy density of trichomes on every nug with deep purples and long orange hairs, dominated by pheno No. 5 Dj Short Blueberry characteristics. 

Freshly baked blueberry muffin with a hint of tangy cherries and earthiness.
The high is a hyrbid indica dominant that very much leans towards the Dj Short Blueberry with very calming effects that are perfect for anxiety and stress relief. 
This strain is heavy on medicinal properties and packs a huge punch!! It is a burst of flavor with every single pull. 

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