Space Budz Banana Kush Hybrid Vape Cartridge



Space Buds 0.5g Premium Grade Vape Cartridges each cartridge has been carefully formulated with the synergy of cannabis derived terpenes. Cartridges are  made in small batches to oversee the best quality and consistency for patients. The use premium lab tested cannabis oil containing no pg, vg, or vitamin E. These are flavorful and potent lab tested at 90% THC. 510 Threaded cartridges best used with a low voltage vape battery.

Limoncello is arguably the most delicious sativa strain on the West Coast. Its sticky buds have an enticing lemony-citrus aroma and taste with a hint of earthiness. The cerebral high provides an excellent balance between physical effects and a clear headed high, leaving its users deeply relaxed yet attentive and aware.


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