Smashed Kill Bill Shatter


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SMASHED EXTRACTS are extracted from premium pesticide-free flower. HIGH POTENCY AND HIGH QUALITY DABBING!

Kill Bill Hybrid sets in quickly, exerting head-focused thoughts may also flow more quickly than usual, jumping from one to the next in free association. This focused mindset can allow for work on complicated, detail-oriented tasks, as well as creative personal projects. It can also encourage chattiness in social situations, even when it’s shared with relatively new acquaintances. Smokers may feel distinctly relaxed as they find themselves able to breathe more deeply. At this point, any traces of bodily tension may evaporate, giving way to a slow, sinking feeling in the core and limbs. That’s not to say that Kill Bill will totally immobilize all users, though; couchlock only becomes a danger as dosage is increased. In fact, this strain’s eventual combination of mental and physical effects makes it a fun accompaniment to activities that require both the body and mind like exercise.

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Kill Bill Hybrid Shatter

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